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Covid-19 Risk Assessment Procedure

Welcoming you back to face-to-face teaching


This page explains the precautions and procedures that have been put in place to make sure that you are safe.  I hope that it offers you and your parent full assurance that my first priority and responsibility is your safety.  The bullet points below may sound very formal, however, they are a starting point for us to get together and sensibly move forward with your learning as safely as we can.  We will no doubt relax as the situation positively develops and when you are happy that you remain safe.


You will now be a student of ‘The Violin Academy’ and here are the safety precautions:


Hygiene precautions

  • Sessions initially reduced to 30 minutes to reduce exposure time (increased on request)

  • Whereas previously students were taught back to back, there will now be a 15 minute gap between each student to allow for sanitisation of the studio

  • All relevant surfaces disinfected before and after each session, including music stand

  • Door handles & door bell disinfected before each student arrival

  • Hand sanitiser available for students on entry and exit

  • Clear floor markings to indicate and ensure a 2-metre distancing in the studio 

  • Face mask or visor worn by teacher (at the student/parent request)

  • Student to wear face mask (the wearing of face protection is optional and at your discretion)

  • Refreshment not provided in order to reduce contact with surfaces

  • Rear window open (at student/parent request) for increased ventilation


Safety procedure

  • The Teacher organises and prepares layout of the room, sanitises all surfaces and door handles before each student arrives.


  • On entry, the student (and parent):

    • Makes use of the hand sanitiser provided (sanitising station is next to the piano)

    • Remains behind the distancing floor marking

    • Places the violin case on the seat and takes out their violin 

    • Places the music on the stand that is provided, and safely positioned

    • Tunes own violin and rosins own bow (a video tutorial will be provided prior to lessons starting and the link to download a violin tuning app)


  • On finishing the lesson, the student (and parent):

    • Packs away the violin and music

    • Makes use of the hand sanitiser on exit


I hope that the precautions and procedure above offer you sufficient assurance that the session will be conducted safely.  I will be happy to implement anything that improves the procedure above.


If you still feel unsure about attending lessons in person, I am still teaching via video chat and have found it to be a really good alternative.  If you have any questions or requests please feel free to ask me on the phone number below


Looking forward to seeing you


Miss Alexandra Parker

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