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Hi there


I'm Alexandra, the founder and director of ‘The Violin Academy’, and I will be your teacher, coach and mentor.  The Academy is the first music school in North Lincolnshire to provide dedicated private violin instrumental tuition, musical appreciation and theory, managed and delivered by an experienced professional working violinist. (

This page will tell you a little about me, my background, and teaching at ‘The Violin Academy’.  You'll find lots of interesting things on the Academy website, including how music changes the brain, and how learning the violin can improve academic ability, maths in particular, and overall performance at school.  Who knew!?  


My mission for younger students is to develop their minds, build confidence, a feeling of self-belief and self-worth, resilience, positivity and character.  I feel that, as they grow and develop, it is important to nurture their personality as well as developing their talent through violin performance.  

If you have any questions on any aspect of teaching and learning at ‘The Violin Academy’ please feel free to pop me a text or give me a call (07702 795925).  You can even send me a direct message via the 'Get in Touch' page on this site which will appear on my mobile wherever I am.

Epworth is my hometown since moving from Belton, the next village.  Belton Primary School is where my love for the violin began at the tender age of nine, before moving to South Axholme School where I continued my studies and became Leader of the Orchestra.  I was a member of the National Youth Chamber Orchestra, and while working in an orchestra is a rewarding and valuable experience I seemed to prefer the freedom and breadth of expression that working as a solo musician offers as an electric violinist.   


In my early years of training as a violinist I was supported by the EMI Music Foundation, travelling to London each month to be privately coached and trained by the Principal Violinist of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) before he moved to Thailand as a University Professor of Music. Losing him as a coach was devastating for me!  Teachers really do make a lasting impression.  My next coach was the winner, some years earlier, of the ‘BBC Young Violinist of the Year’. He is now an internationally acclaimed professional violinist and orchestral conductor and works abroad much of the time (I’m beginning to get paranoid in thinking that I am the reason my coaches move abroad). My current private coach is Callum Smart, Professor of Music at the Royal Northern College in Manchester.  If his name isn’t a good enough reason to have him as a coach, his musical incredibleness and reputation is!  I’ve had different and rewarding training experiences from each private coach over the years, each with their own teaching style and, as a result, have not only grown substantially and developed technically as a violinist, but also learned a lot about being a teacher, and how your positive interactions with your students affects their development.  


At the age of eleven I gained valuable performance experience through busking, which raised my confidence and skill level. I was only twelve years old when asked to perform for a wedding ceremony, my first wedding performance being at thirteen. Throughout my school years I went to school during the day, and on weekends I would be busking or travelling and performing for weddings, shows and corporate events. I loved it, and still do!  At the age of eighteen I was engaged by Thompson Gold Holidays to perform in Cyprus and was the youngest ever performer to be offered a contract.  Since then, I have performed for Ferrari, BMW, Cointreau, Nissan, Ibex Gold and many more high-profile companies and worked with many famous artistes through my Wedding & Events business as ‘Alexandra The Violinist’.   Performing as a soloist really does run in my blood, and my passion as a violin teacher comes from my life and musical experiences.


There have been so many wonderful experiences, lessons learned, and now plenty of stories to tell.  The opportunity to inspire someone to be completely themselves with full confidence, and to show them that they really can be an incredible musician, whether it be for pure enjoyment or for a career.


My youngest student is 5 and the eldest is 77.  I teach music appreciation to the very young alongside violin, and for older students GCSE music, ABRSM music theory and ABRSM violin, taking people through their graded exams, and promoting careers in the music, arts and entertainment industries.  However, not everybody who comes to ‘The Violin Academy’ is interested in achieving qualifications, or aspiring to a career in music, and for these students I teach them how to play songs that they love, and to read music.  For exam students, it’s important for them to play music that they love, along-side their graded exams.  


Changes in the school curriculum have diminished music as a core subject (see what I did there?).  In many schools creative and artistic subjects at KS3 and KS4 are in decline and not being offered. Music and the arts are a crucial element of the National culture and heritage, and so it’s really important to me that music to individuals and the community is promoted, in my own small way, to help stem this decline and to protect our cultural heritage.  

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