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Learning at The Violin Academy

Welcome to The Violin Academy, where students of all ages and skill levels are embraced. Whether you're a beginner, a returning player, or an advanced musician, we tailor lessons to meet your unique goals.

Our students have varied aspirations: some pursue exam gradings with the ABRSM, others play for pure enjoyment, and many seek stage guidance as professionals. Each lesson is customised to ensure a perfect fit for every learner—no two lessons are the same.

We focus on smart practice techniques to accelerate progress and recommend essential books to support your journey. Our sessions cover everything from new pieces and technical exercises to fun duets, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

Join us to experience a supportive community, personalised teaching, and a transformative musical journey.

Mrs Alexandra Madapatha-Parker
Director of The Violin Academy


Taking Exams

There is absolutely no pressure at The Violin Academy to take exams.  Everybody's journey is different.  But if exams DO interest you, here's what you need to know...


We are accredited to teach the MTB (Music Teachers' Board) Syllabus.


1. Expert Examiners:

Benefit: Exams are always marked by an examiner who is an accomplished violinist. Explanation: This ensures that your child receives feedback from someone who truly understands the instrument, offering more detailed and constructive feedback on how to improve and what to focus on going forward.

2. Flexible Repertoire:

Benefit: The MTB syllabus offers a 'free choice repertoire.' Explanation: Your child can choose pieces they love and are passionate about, as long as they meet the criteria for the exam level. This flexibility can increase their motivation and enjoyment of practice and performance.

3. Convenient Exam Process:

Benefit: Exams can be taken at a time and place that suits you. Explanation: No need to travel to a specific exam center on a fixed date. This reduces stress and allows your child to perform in a familiar environment, which can lead to better performance.

4. Continuous Progress Tracking:

Benefit: The MTB system allows for ongoing assessment and progress tracking. Explanation: You can monitor your child's progress more regularly, helping to keep them on track and motivated. It also allows for adjustments in their learning plan to better meet their needs.

5. Comprehensive Feedback:

Benefit: Detailed and specific feedback is provided for each performance. Explanation: Parents receive clear insights into their child’s strengths and areas for improvement, helping them to support their child’s musical journey more effectively.

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