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Children & Adults

to enjoy learning at

'The Violin Academy'

Miss Alexandra Parker
Director of 'The Violin Academy'
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I teach students of all ages and ability levels, from:


  • ‘Absolute beginners’ who may never have picked up a violin

  • Students at ‘novice level’ of all ages who used to play, regret giving it up and are returning to the violin

  • 'Accomplished musicians’ who feel that they would benefit from coaching by a professional working musician to improve their technical ability or performance technique. 


There are so many things that your lessons can involve, from learning new pieces of music, to technical exercises, flowing scales and arpeggios, and playing beautiful duets.

Many of my students prefer to learn to play the violin for pure joy or personal challenge it brings to their life. Others want to achieve exam gradings from a registered teacher of The Associate Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM). For those who want to broaden their qualifications even further, I coach students who are taking GCSE in music with their theory and performance.  I also take 14-24 year olds through the skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze, Silver or Gold).


Building close relationships with all my students is key to getting the best out of them and I have wide experience in making every session fun and enjoyable.


My teaching methods are adapted to each student, being sensitive to their needs. Every parent and teacher has noticed marked and continuous improvement in cognitive ability and personality.


Miss Alexandra Parker

Director of The Violin Academy

what you can learn at

the violin academy

Sight Reading

To read music notation

To write music notation

Confidently play solo's and duets

Play scales and arpeggio's

Play expressively

Increased knowledge of violinists and composers

Understanding Key signatures and how to use them

Music vocabulary and terminology

To play different styles of music: classical, pop, jazz, irish etc

Performance techniques

How to practise

Playing from memory

Employability skills

Musical Elements (Melody, Harmony, Tonality, Structure, Tempo, Rhythm, Dynamics and Articulation)

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