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Mrs Alexandra Madapatha-Parker



"My mission is to inspire, educate, and empower students to achieve their musical dreams. I believe in providing personalised, high-quality lessons that fosters both technical skill and a deep love for music."

Why we are different

The Violin Academy offers a unique and holistic approach to music education. Led by a professional performing violinist, our students benefit from high-level expertise and real-world experience.

Our founder, who is not only a dedicated teacher but also an active learner with her own coach, continually hones her skills to bring the latest techniques and insights to her students.

But our commitment goes beyond just teaching the violin. We focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals by imparting essential life skills such as managing difficult situations, building self-assurance and belief, handling failure and rejection, and overcoming obstacles.

Our students don’t just learn to play the violin—they gain confidence and resilience that will serve them in all areas of their lives.

At The Violin Academy, you’ll find a mentor and a friend who is dedicated to your personal and musical growth.

Background of The Violin Academy

The Violin Academy was established in 2020, born out of the challenges presented by the pandemic. As a professional performing musician, I faced the sudden halt of weddings and events due to legal restrictions. This unexpected pause provided an opportunity for a new venture, and thus, The Violin Academy was created. I discovered a profound love for teaching, finding immense joy in providing individuals with a fulfilling hobby or even sparking the idea of a new career path in music.

Our academy is built on the foundation of not just teaching the violin but also fostering a positive and growth-oriented mindset. Rather than viewing mistakes negatively, we encourage students to think, "That could be better if I..." This approach cultivates resilience and a constructive attitude toward learning and self-improvement.

The Violin Academy offers private lessons in Alexandra's home studio and is now in collaboration with four schools: South Axholme Academy Epworth, Epworth Primary Academy, The Axholme Academy crowle and Trinity Academy Thorne.

Founders' Story and Inspiration

My journey as a violinist has been deeply influenced by the diverse and exceptional teachers I've had throughout my career. Each one possessed unique qualities that made them outstanding educators, and what stood out the most was the way they made me feel—supported, inspired, and motivated. These experiences have profoundly shaped my teaching philosophy, and I strive to pass on that same sense of encouragement and belief to my students.

Our Goals, Values, and Vision


At The Violin Academy, our goal is to provide high-quality violin education while instilling confidence and a love for music in our students. We value a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable and motivated to achieve their best. Our long-term vision includes expanding our reach, creating more opportunities for students to perform, and continuing to inspire the next generation of musicians. We aim to keep music education alive and vibrant, encouraging young people to explore their musical potential and develop skills that will benefit them in all aspects of their lives.


About Your Coach

As the founder and lead instructor of The Violin Academy, I bring extensive experience and a deep passion for teaching. My background as a professional performing violinist ensures that students receive top-tier instruction grounded in real-world musical experience. My teaching style is heavily influenced by the incredible mentors I've had, and I focus on making my students feel empowered and inspired. By nurturing their musical talents and personal growth, I strive to help each student reach their full potential both as musicians and as individuals.

Learning at The Violin Academy



The Opulence Orchestra

The WhatsApp Group

Your lessons can be weekly or fortnightly for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. 

Lesson length differs slightly in the schools:

The Axholme Academy        : 30 minutes

South Axholme Academy    : 30 minutes

Epworth Primary Academy : 30 minutes

Trinity Academy Thorne      : 20 minutes

We are excited to introduce our new string group masterclasses (in collaboration with Stephen Donoghue the cellist), designed for four students at a time. These masterclasses are offered during half-term and summer holidays, providing a unique and intensive learning experience.


Upon booking, students receive their music several weeks in advance, allowing them to learn and practice their parts before the class. They can also bring this music to their regular violin lessons to receive additional guidance.

The masterclass focuses on ensemble playing, teaching students how to synchronize with others, understand timing and counting, follow a conductor, and listen to fellow musicians while playing their own parts. The pieces selected for these sessions are fun and well-known, arranged in a classical style reminiscent of Bridgerton. This ensures an enjoyable and educational experience that enhances their musical skills and fosters a love for group performances.

We are thrilled to announce a future project: The Opulence Orchestra. This exciting initiative is a collaboration between The Violin Academy, cellist Stephen Donoghue, and our duo, Opulence. The foundation for this orchestra is laid through our string group masterclasses, where students receive intensive ensemble training.

The vision for The Opulence Orchestra is to create a dynamic ensemble of students and young musicians. This orchestra will offer these talented individuals the unique opportunity to become the official Opulence Orchestra, performing alongside Opulence at major events. By participating in the string group masterclasses, students prepare to play in a large ensemble, honing their skills in synchronisation, timing, and musical collaboration.

The Opulence Orchestra aims to inspire and elevate young musicians, providing them with unparalleled performance experiences and the chance to be part of something extraordinary. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey!

At The Violin Academy, we believe in fostering a strong sense of community among our students and their families. To enhance this experience, we have created a dedicated WhatsApp group for students over the age of 18 and all parents. This group serves as a dynamic hub for live updates on lessons, academy news, inspirational videos, practice tips, music facts, and more.

Our WhatsApp group is more than just an information channel; it's a vibrant community where conversations flourish. Members can share their challenges and triumphs, receive advice and encouragement from peers, and feel connected to a supportive network. It's a positive and inspiring space that makes you feel like you're part of something bigger, reminding you that you are not alone in your learning journey.

By joining the WhatsApp group, you'll gain instant access to valuable resources and the collective wisdom of our academy's community. It's a place where everyone can pitch in to help, share experiences, and celebrate progress together.


Join us and become part of our extended musical family, where the journey of learning the violin is enriched by camaraderie and shared passion.

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