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Upcoming Exams 2022...

Hugo Wallace: Grade 3

Garner Wallacer: Grade 7

Keith Moores: Grade 1

*Please arrive at the exam venue 15 minutes before your exam time

Prep Test





Grade 1


Grade 2


Grade 3


Grade 4


Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7

Grade 8



I am a registered teacher for the Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).  If you decide that you would like to take your graded exams for violin, The Violin Academy will make sure that you are fully prepared, and advise you accordingly, before entering you for the exam.  The exam body charge a fee for each grade (shown on the left).  It is also recommended that you have additional lessons, or longer lessons as you approach your exam date to give you the best opportunity to secure the highest mark possible.

ABRSM require the following for each exam:

  • 3 Prepared pieces of music (ABRSM provide 9 pieces for you to choose from)

  • Various Scales & Arpeggios to be learned off by heart

  • A piece of sight reading, usually a couple of lines depending on the exam grade

  • Aural tests (singing and clapping & to answer a couple of questions)

Exams can usually be taken in March/April, June/July or Nov/Dec and last between 12 - 30 minutes depending on the grade of exam you are taking.

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